Ecofobs Ceramic RFID Finger Rings

Unlock Your World with Ecofobs Ceramic RFID Finger Rings

Experience the convenience of accessing your gym, office, swimming club, or locker room with a stylish and eco-friendly ceramic RFID finger ring. Our rings are not only practical but also elegantly designed, so you can show off your commitment to the environment without compromising on style.

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Find your desired EcoFobs style: Ceramic Finger Rings, Wooden RFID Key Fobs, Key Cards or Recycled Plastic Fobs.

Compatible with all major Mifare based door systems.

Limited time offer - order this month for a free digital proof custom designed to your brand, a $200 value.

Make your club a part of the solution

Every year, the access control industry contributes tons of carbon into the atmosphere and plastic into landfill, oceans and wherever else, just for the supply of plastic key fobs and cards.

At EcoFobs, our mission is to change this and help transform the industry for the better by providing sustainable alternatives for door access.

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Do your bit for the planet with zero compromises for your business

We have worked closely with our manufacturers to come up with RFID door access alternatives that are derived from more sustainable materials and processes, while maintaining maximum reliability and durability.

Customer Testimonials

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“EcoFobs are a great opportunity for businesses to provide clients with physical evidence of their sustainable practices, building a sustainable brand image with service touchpoints that last.”
Hannah S. Marketing Expert

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