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Custom Branded Wooden RFID Key Fobs & Cards

Experience convenience and sustainability with our custom branded wooden RFID key fobs and cards. Designed for environmentally-conscious businesses, these eco-friendly products provide secure access and a unique touch to your branding.

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  • Customizable print or engraving
  • Made from wood with multiple color and grain options
  • High security frequency 13.56mhz Mifare options for 4 or 7 bit encryption
Fob & Card Diagrams
Fob & Card Diagrams
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Important Note: These keys work on any Mifare RFID reader, but it often requires the RFID key being logged into the system by the access provider. Please sure to check with your provider to ensure they allow alternative keys before purchasing as we don’t guarantee they will allow you to assign third party keys into their system.

Customizable Print or Engraving

Our wooden RFID fobs and cards can be custom-printed or engraved with your company logo or design, providing a perfect match for your brand and enhancing your organization's eco-friendly image.

Made from Wood

Our unique handmade wooden RFID fobs and cards come in multiple color and grain options, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic cards and fobs.

High Security Frequency

Our wooden RFID fobs and cards offer high-security frequency access control, ensuring a safe and secure environment for your business.