Celebrate with the Environment in Mind

For environmental-conscious businesses who are looking for an eco-friendly way to host events and celebrate important milestones, there are many green event venues that can provide the ideal setting for a special occasion that both minimizes the company’s carbon footprint and shows guests the company’s commitment to sustainability. From unique spaces to venues with sustainability-oriented approaches, here are five of the best green event venues.

The Chicago Innovation Exchange is a green event venue that is dedicated to sustainability and provides a forum to spur innovation. The building is designed to reduce energy use, with a natural ventilation system, daylight harvesting and materials that are environmentally-friendly. It is a great setting to host creative and inspiring events while also making a statement that guests will remember.

In San Francisco, Gather stands out as an example of an event space designed with sustainability in mind. It has a LEED-certified building that prioritizes green construction, with solar panels and repurposed materials making up much of the structure. Other green elements of the space include furniture made from reused materials, on-site gardens for decoration and locally-sourced food for events.

The* Brooklyn Grange* offers a unique event space that is surrounded by nature and greenery. From its rooftop location with stunning views to the densely planted rooftop gardens where events are located, Brooklyn Grange stands out from other venues with its commitment to sustainability. The venue also has affordable prices for many special events and gatherings.

UrbanXChange, located in Long Island City, is another urban rooftop destination for hosting green events. This 15,000 square-foot venue is powered by 100% renewable energy sources and utilizes recycled or renewable materials throughout its space. The venue is designed to host events while making a statement towards sustainability and respecting the environment.

The Greensboro Science Center is a great option for events looking to combine education and sustainability. This venue, located in North Carolina, offers multiple green areas available for events, including a solar panel-covered terrace and a beautiful garden. The Science Center also uses educational materials to inform visitors about green initiatives, making it a perfect destination to show guests the importance of sustainability.

Hosting a green event is more than just a statement about a company’s commitment to sustainability; it is also an opportunity to celebrate in an environmentally conscious way. With these five green event venues, environmental-conscious businesses can effortlessly host events and preserve their environmental standards in the process.

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